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book cover featuring the title "Kitty Clive or the Fair Songster" accompanied by a painted portrait of her in a white dress, seated, holding a musical score

Kitty Clive, or The Fair Songster by Berta Joncus - Biography

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Kitty Clive (1711-1785) was a top London stage star. She dominated spoken as well as musical comedy. From the 1740s onwards, her reputation suffered a sharp decline. Known by George Frideric Handel and his contemporaries as an extraordinary singer, Kitty Clive's rise to fame, downfall and her final legacy are all explored in detail by Berta Joncus in this well-written biography. Whether you're interested in Kitty Clive's fascinating life story or curious about star production and performance history in eighteenth-century Britain, this biography book is an absolute must-read!