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an A3 poster featuring a black and white photo of Hendrix sitting on his bed in Book Street

Jimi Hendrix Poster: Hendrix on his Bed

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This Jimi Hendrix poster for sale at Handel and Hendrix in London is A3-size and it comes from a photograph originally taken by Barrie Wentzell. He photographed Jimi Hendrix in the Hendrix Flat for an interview in 1969.

Hendrix had only lived at 23 Brook Street with his girlfriend, Kathy Etchingham, for less than a year, but their exotic tastes were very clear thanks to the furnishings seen in this Jimi Hendrix poster. The Persian rugs on the wall as well as the Victorian curtain from the ceiling aptly portray the couple's decadent style. Their bedroom was in fact originally a living room, but they preferred to use the largest space they had for sleeping as well as entertaining. Though Jimi Hendrix was a rock star, it is interesting to note that he never liked to leave his bedroom messy and always made his bed in the mornings!

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