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Handel House Watercolour - Magnet

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This Handel House watercolour magnet is a wonderful souvenir from Handel and Hendrix in London. It features a watercolour of 25 Brook Street painted by John Buckler, who was an artist and architect living in Britain from 1770 to 1851. This magnet replicates his original piece, which was painted in 1839 and can still be seen hanging in Handel's bedroom at the Handel House Museum today. The image playfully includes George Frideric Handel himself looking out from one of the windows of the property and a hand-written description below it. It reads as follows: "The house in Lower Brook Street (at present, 1839, numbered 57), in which Handel lived and died; - as it appeared before the fronts of the Attic Story was raised".

This fridge magnet measures approximately 8 cm in height and 6 cm in width.

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